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If you’re not familiar with sealcoating, it’s a process which is intended to prolong the life of an asphalt surface by protecting the underlying asphalt material. This process is so effective that it routinely doubles the life of an asphalt surface, and in some cases it can extend the useful life of pavement even longer than that. If you’ve never sealcoated your asphalt surface, you will probably have to completely re-install it much sooner, and that means you’d be paying a whole lot more than the very inexpensive price of a sealcoating job.

We offer a sealcoating service which will protect and preserve your asphalt surface, and in the process will make it look almost brand new. That means you’ll be adding some aesthetic appeal to your driveway, parking lot, or other surface. The reason our sealcoating process is so effective is that it prevents penetration into your asphalt from rain, ultraviolet rays, and chemicals. If this penetration were allowed to happen, those substances would degrade and disintegrate the binding agent which holds asphalt together, and that would quickly cause degradation of the asphalt itself.

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We provide residential and commercial asphalt sealcoat services throughout the Austin Metro area: Cedar Park, Leander, Anderson Mill, Jollyville, Georgetown, Round Rock, Lakeway, Pflugerville, Austin, Taylor, Haker Heights, Copperas Cove, Killeen, Belton, Kyle, Temple and beyond.


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Sealcoating from Texas Driveway & Parking Lot Repair

When you apply fresh sealcoating from our company, your driveway or parking lot will also have a slip-resistant and skid-resistant coating in place which can reduce the number of accidents, especially during foul weather. It’s a good practice to have fresh sealcoating applied to your asphalt surface every other year, because this can be crucial for screening out all those oils, UV rays, and hard rains which undermine the asphalt material. By adopting this approach, you’ll be sure about protecting your surface, and preventing the damage which can be done by penetrating substances.

Although you won’t have to worry much about snow and ice in Austin, TX, sealcoating helps to melt those elements faster because it provides a dark, heat-absorbing surface which tends to melt those substances more quickly. You’ll also notice that it’s a lot easier to sweep and clean your asphalt surface after a fresh sealcoating, because it will be much smoother and more conducive to being swept. Don’t make the common mistake of ignoring your asphalt surface for too long before deciding to sealcoat it, because once a number of cracks and other problems have occurred, even sealcoating will not be enough to stem the tide. At that point, you’ll probably be faced with the prospect of some serious repair work.

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When you’re ready to apply fresh sealcoating to your driveway, parking lot, or other asphalt surface, please contact us so we can work with you on getting the sealcoating properly applied. As long as your asphalt surface has not been severely damaged, a sealcoating job can be very effective at prolonging its life, even for decades. You’ll love the aesthetic appeal provided by the dark new coat of protective covering which keeps your surface safe from the sun, rain, oils, and other destructive elements.