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Texas Driveway & Parking Lot Repair

Your Local Asphalt Paving Company

Whenever you have need of either residential or commercial asphalt paving services, the company you should remember in the Austin, TX region is Texas Driveway & Parking Lot Repair. You can tell from our name that we have had great experience at repairing driveways and parking lots. These are often subjected to either heavy loads or just the natural weather elements, and have suffered some kind of damage. As durable as asphalt is, even the best paving material will eventually require some kind of repair work, or at least some maintenance.

Focusing on customer satisfaction at every turn, we take pride in giving our customers a flawless experience.

Our extensive experience and deeply skilled workmanship will ensure a successful project from start to finish.

We can provide sealcoating maintenance which will give your asphalt surfaces a brand new, fresh look, and it will also work to extend the life of those surfaces by protecting the underlying asphalt. It would be to your advantage to jot down our company name and phone number, so you could contact us for the periodic maintenance which will keep your asphalt surface looking great, and better able to withstand the stresses of everyday usage. Keep in mind that regular maintenance will usually help you to avoid major repair work somewhere down the line.

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We provide residential and commercial paving services throughout the Austin Metro area: Cedar Park, Leander, Anderson Mill, Jollyville, Georgetown, Round Rock, Lakeway, Pflugerville, Austin, Taylor, Haker Heights, Copperas Cove, Killeen, Belton, Kyle, Temple and beyond.

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Your Trusted Asphalt Pavers Serving Central Texas & the Austin Area

We also do new installations of all kinds of asphalt surfaces, and we have crews of experienced specialists who have done all kinds of new installs throughout the Austin region. We can put in your new driveway, so the appearance of your residence is upgraded, and so you’ll have a great access lane up to the home itself. You might be a business owner who needs a new parking lot installed for the convenience of customers, so they won’t have to park on the street. Perhaps your business is growing, and the volume of your customers has increased such that you now need an entire lot.

We can install farm lanes and access roads for your ranch, if you happen to live in a rural setting, and you need smooth access to some area. This is always an improvement over dirt lanes which get muddy after a rain, and which raise clouds of dust during a dry spell. We can also install an attractive asphalt lot for your church or your school, thereby adding aesthetic appeal and improving functionality of the traffic flow. Of course, if you happen to be involved in some form of government, and you need a new roadway installed or re-paved, we can certainly handle that for you as well.

One thing you’ll note about our asphalt paving service is our commitment to customer satisfaction. We do everything possible to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, because we realize that our livelihood depends on your opinion of our good work. When we do a great job which makes you happy, you can tell all your friends and colleagues about us, and that does wonders for our thriving business.

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Central Texas / Austin Region Paving Service

Contact us today at Texas Driveway & Parking Lot Repair so you can inquire about any of the services we offer, or to get a quote for a paving project you have in mind. We look forward to collaborating with you on creating a great new asphalt surface for your business or your residence.

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  • Sealcoating
  • Chip Seal
  • Tar & Chip
  • Asphalt Repair
  • Asphalt Maintenance
  • Pot Hole Repair
  • Hot Rubber Crack Fill
  • Road Gravel
  • Gravel Stone
  • Road Base
  • Hot Mix Asphalt
  • Renewal & Overlay
  • Parking Lot Striping
  • Line Striping
  • Curb Stop Replacement
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  • Parking Lots
  • Roadways
  • Ranch Roads
  • Farm Roads
  • Churches
  • Subdivisions
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